Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Here, you will find detailed information about conditions you will get, when you are a Ukrainian refugee in Poland in 2022. We have gathered all the most important information for you in one place, make sure you also check the possibilities in other countries.

1. Housing in Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees are entitled to free housing in Poland for whatever the law says there. This is just text to fill the space, sadly, i don't know about the Polish laws and stuffs but i'm sure they help you a lot. The government houses people in big halls but also in hotels, dependant of the location and amount of refugees in that certain city or village. The housing also includes daily food and clothes will be provided for those who don't have any of their own. There are also different other humanitarian missions that offer people other appliances and emergency help that is needed. Poland also offers medical examines for those in need and also offers psychological councelling on the spot.

  • Free housing from the goverment
  • Free food 3 times a day
  • Possibly help with getting an appartment
  • Possible to live in a safehouse

2. Monetary support per month in Poland for Ukrainian refugees

In Poland, Ukrainian refugees are entitled to monetary support for the time, they are being there as refugees. Poland has different support mechanisms in place to support Ukrainian refugees and their families with monthly payments and different options for social programs, learning local language and many more. Here is what you get

  • 300€ per each person in the family
  • Extra 100€ per siblings
  • Appartment rent payment support of 400€ per month
  • Social security and health security

3. Work and jobs in Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees in Poland are entitled a work permit since 01.04.2022 (yes, this text is fictionary) and it means that all Ukrainian refugees are allowed to get a job in Poland as soon as they arrive and register themselves. There are some limitations from the goverment but these may vary and i have no idea about any of that. This is what you can do in Poland

  • Work also full-time
  • Minimum salary of 1500€ brutto is guaranteed for full-time employees
  • Chance to be a part of Polish
  • Social security and health security

There are a lot of jobs in Poland and a good thing about Poland is, that many of the people also understand or speak russian, that makes getting low entry level jobs like cooking, cleaning or f.e. jobs in the clothes industry or any labour industry easier to get to. There are different support programs also from the goverment that encourages Polish companies to hire Ukrainian refugees. By law, Ukrainian refugees are entitled to a minimum salary of 1000€ per month brutto (before tax) by full-time employment. Ukrainian refugees can start working as soon as they are registered with the authorities.

Ofcourse it is possible for people who are educated and professionals to find also specialist jobs, we made a little list of job vacancies that could be a possibility for someone that just wants a job without much previous training. Here are some fields of work that you might be interested in:

  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • List of jobs here follow...

4. What is Poland like as a country?

Poland is one of the oldest countries in Europe and is known for their good beer, pretty women and "kurwa". Here should be a human-like text about Poland, how the majority of Polish people tick and some cultural things someone who is going to Poland should know. This text would be ideally written or facts here should come from someone who is Polish, maybe they know better, what to say here. This should be very "personal" text and make the sad refugees who are fucked from all the terror and crowded trains - smile:).

  • Population 40 million
  • Most popular name: Pjotr
  • Most popular phrase: Kurwa (bljat)
  • Some other facts about Poland

In general, Poland is our neighbour country and many Ukrainians also worked in Poland before the Russian Battleship. In areas near to our border but also inland, many people speak or at least understand russian to some extent. They are similar to Ukrainians in a way that we are both slavic people who look a bit like Russians, but we're not. Polish people are open, drink a lot and are emotional and like Ukrainians, proud about their homeland. I just write random stuff i have no idea about.

5. Something else they need information about

I'm sure there is at least one more important topic that refugees are interested in. I don't have any idea though, what could it be. The people that read so far, probably are really interested in going to Poland so they are probably interested in more specific information. Maybe this could be some contacts section, where there are some links to not so good sites like this one, but still useful ones. Like official goverment sites, refugee sites, or NGO's or whatever. Maybe something like thsi, like useful links and contacts. It would'nt probably be bad also, when there are links to f.e. Telegram groups and Facebook groups.

  • Official refugee site from Poland Goverment
  • Red Cross Poland
  • Humanitarian Mission Warsaw
  • Ukrainian embassy Warsaw
  • Ukrainian friends in Poland (Facebook Group)
  • etc...

Our tipp: If you have decided to go to Poland, try to find some fellow refugees from Facebook or anywhere that have already done it, talk to them and ask them about their experience. Poland has taken the most Ukrainian refugees allthough they are struggling themselves. Don't forget, never give up and be nice.